Beach BBQ!

Hello everyone! Last Sunday was my first K&F Beach Barbecue, and it was so much fun! This was my first time visiting the ocean in Japan. The water was very calm, in North Carolina the ocean usually has lots of waves! It was a hot day out, but the shade from tents and a nice summer breeze made it a great day to be at the beach. It also made swimming in the cold water very refreshing!

I was really impressed by how many things people brought with them, people in Japan seem very prepared for a day at the beach! In America people usually bring a big towel to sit on and a picnic basket, maybe an umbrella and lawn chairs. But so many people here brought tents! It looked like a camping trip. Many students had fun floats for the water, and parents brought their own food for the grills. The hamburgers and hotdogs were very tasty, but it was cool to see what different foods everyone else brought to the barbecue! 

Bingo was a very fun event, students got excited about the prizes and all really wanted to win! Everyone who played walked away with a special bingo prize, from water guns to candy and much more. Thanks for braving the sun to come play!

Thank you for coming and making our BBQ such a fun event! See you there next year!


Changing weather

The weather in my hometown of Montreal has been strange this month. Last week the temperature was 12 degrees Celcius, but this week it fell to -20C! All the snow that melted has now turned to ice. Spring comes late to eastern Canada, and we can get snow storms in May!

Here in western Japan, the weather is finally starting to warm up. After a cold winter, I was happy to see that the plum trees are starting to blossom. Now, beautiful pink, purple and white flowers can be seen all over Mihara.

Soon, the cherry blossoms will start to appear. This is my favourite season in Japan. The tradition of hanami is not like anything we have back home. I love spending time with friends under the cherry trees. It’s a happy time for me because I can see my friends and eat good food. Also, I know that the warm weather is not far away.

Please teach me where to go in Mihara to see the best sakura.


My First Mihara Festival!

Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a great time at the Shinmei festival, and were able to stay warm! This was my first time and I had a lot of fun. There was so much delicious food! Candied apples are a popular fair food in America, but I had never seen candied strawberries and candied oranges before. It was also my first time seeing a Daruma.

I brought this one home with me, I hope he will bring me luck! I need to think of a wish and draw one eye.