三原K&Fの ハロウィーン優勝者 土曜日

Halloween week is over and we have had our last two parties at Mihara. They were a lot of fun and we played some of the games outside. I'm sure the people passing by were wondering what all the pirates were doing with the bean bags!

The winner from the first party was Sumire. Congratulations!

The winner from the second party was Kota. Good effort!





三原K&Fの中高生 ハロウィーンぱーてパーティ

Today we held a Junior and Senior High School student party. As we did earlier in the week, we played blackjack, did a Halloween quiz and ate lots of snacks. The gambling was more reckless today, and a couple of the students came close to losing their shirts!





三原K&Fコスチュームコンテスト優勝者 金曜日

Today we had two kids parties and they were both great fun! There were a lot of very good costumes and we also had a lot of good candy today.

The first winner today was Seia. She had an excellent home-made costume. Nice!

The second winner today was Rion, who came as a pirate. Nice work with the make-up, Rion!



Tuesday's winner

The winner from Tuesday night's K&F Halloween party is: “Taichi – kun”. He looked awesome. This was a very hard choice as there were a lot of students who did an awesome dressing up for the Halloween party. Even the parents had fun passing out candy and taking pictures. Thanks to everybody this was another great event at K&F English Academy. K&Fハロウィンパーティー火曜日の優勝者はタイチくんでした! みんなすごく上手に仮装してくれていたので、本当に選ぶのに苦労しました。保護者のみなさんも写真を撮ったり、キャンディーを配ったりして楽しんでくれていましたね。今回のK&Fのイベントでもみなさんのご協力に大変感謝しています。

竹原校コンテスト - 金曜日の優勝者


三原K&Fハロウィーン優勝者 木曜日

Today at Mihara K and F we had three parties so we had a lot of fun! Three parties means three winners and here they are:

The winner from the first party was Ryosuke. He came as Tom from the cartoon Tom and Jerry. Well done, Ryosuke!

The winner from the second party was Chihiro. She came as a duck and looked really cute!

The winner from the third party was Hanae. She was a princess. Great work, Hanae!

The overall winner for the day was Ryousuke so he will go forward into the entire school competition.



竹原校コンテスト - 木曜日の優勝者

竹原校コンテスト - 水曜日の優勝者



Today we had a party for some of our junior high school students. We did a Halloween quiz, ate some snacks and played Black Jack.

For most of the students it was their first time playing the game and definitely their first time gambling. We didn't use real money but used plastic chips instead, just like they have in casinos. Even so, everyone got into the game and had a lot of fun.

The next Junior / Senior event is the end of year party. The students will be voting for the thing they would most like to do. I vote for Karaoke!




三原K&Fの優勝者 水曜日

Once again the standard of the costumes in the school Halloween parties was very high. We seem to have a difficult choice to decide the best one for every party we do!

Today's first winner was Kosuke, who came as Ponde Lion. This is a character from Mr. Donut. Well done Kosuke!

The winner of the second party was also an excellent home made effort. Kaito came as Sponge Bob Square Pants. Good job Kaito!

The winner for the day was Kosuke-kun, so he also gets entered into the competition for the best costume in the school.






竹原校コンテスト - 火曜日の優勝者


三原K&F優勝者 月曜日

Today was the first Halloween party at Mihara. There were a lot of good costumes and it was hard to choose a winner. However, today's Mihara winner was Toma, who had a home-made costume and came as Link from the Zelda computer games. Congratulations Toma!



竹原校コンテスト - 月曜日の優勝者



Big event! Buchie Takehara




Today K and F went to Buchie Takehara. Sadly it was the last big event of the year. We had a lot of fun and met a lot of great people.

It is Halloween season so all the staff came in fancy dress. Which do you think is the best?

There was a big board with holes for faces so that people could have their photos taken. Here you can see Kevin sensei, Daniel sensei and Mark sensei modelling. I think they look better as Halloween characters!

We also had an area for doing some Halloween crafts. We made puzzles, decorated cups, created scary faces and constructed flipsticks.

We also had a bean-bag toss game that lots of people came and enjoyed trying.

It was a great day and we enjoyed seeing a lot of new faces. If you couldn't make it this time, come along next year. If you come and say hello we will give you some candy!

Next week is Halloween at school so we will be having a lot of parties. I wonder who is going to win the costume competition? I can't wait!



It was fun, and everyone had a great time!

Parents' days at K and F

K and F has its parents' days in September and October. Parents have a chance to come to school and take part in their kids's classes. They also have an opportunity to meet the teachers and talk about their kids' progress.

The kids were nervous, but the parents were even more so! I know a few of them weren't expecting to be asked questions in class. They all did great, though, and we had a lot of fun together!

Next up is Halloween. Do you have your costume yet?


Junior party! Sardine class have finished Get Real Foundation!

The junior girls in this class enjoyed their party after a tough speaking test. The test was difficult but they all did very well!

Now their English is improving and they are ready to move on to the next level. Good luck in your new book, girls!