My Visit to Miyajima

Hello K&F,

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure and opportunity to visit Miyajima for the first time. It turned out to be a beautiful, sunny and clear day. I went with some newly made friends! Once we got to the island,  we immediately headed to the famous Tori. Since the tide was out we were able to go out to the Tori and look at it up close. I even put a coin between the barnacles.

Afterwards, we went up the rope-way gandala to the precipice of the mountain where I could see for miles and miles. The view was astonishingly breathtaking. I had such a wonderful time and I cannot wait to take my family there when they come!
 View of the Tori from ferry ride at dusk.

 Docile, but annoyingly hungry deer.
The view from the top!!


New teacher saying Hello! 新しい講師のカタリナです!

Dear K&F students and parents,

even though I might have met some of you in person already, I wanted to takte the time for a short "Hello" on here as well. I'm Katharina (カタリナ) from Germany and will start teaching at K&F on Wednesday 1st of April. Very excited and looking forward to it! I flew in from Germany about three weeks ago and I'm very happy to have arrived in Japan at such a lovely time of the year--the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and there's a lot of fresh greens around already. Mihara is such a beautiful town! I've been out and about the past few days looking at things and taking some pictures. If you have any recommendations for places to visit in the vicinity, please do let me know :).

I'm originally from the Eastern part of Germany, but for the past few years I've been living in the beautiful town of Marburg which is quite close to Frankfurt (フランクフルト). I also lived in Japan for a year back in 2009 during my study abroad at Doshisha University in Kyoto. I finished my Bachelor's degree in Japanese Studies and Social Studies back in 2012 and worked at a German publishing company until the end of 2014, which was when I decided to return to Japan once more. My hobbies are travelling, photography and swimming, and Mihara seems like the perfect place to combine all that!

I look forward to meeting all of you and working together. See you soon!










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