put on & take off ☆


洋服を着るときは put on!
"put on your hat." "put on your jacket."~帽子をかぶってね。ジャケットを着てね。

洋服を脱ぐときは take off!
"take off your hat." "take off your jacket."~帽子を脱いでね。ジャケットを脱いでね。

レッスンでは大好きなお母さん、お父さんから借りた服を使ってput on, take offの練習をしました☆



Christmas in Germany!

It's been a while, but I went back to Germany over Christmas and New Year's and wanted to share a few impressions from back home. I was very happy to be able to see my family and friends, visited to many different places and ate lots of delicious food. Christmas is the most important holiday in Germany and traditionally spent with family, whereas New Year's Eve is a time to go out, watch fireworks and have fun with friends. Kind of the opposite of Japan, isn't it!

Flight to Germany!

Traditional German Christmas decoration
Traditional German Christmas dish--Potato dumplings, red cabbage and goose. Super delicious!

My hometown :)
With my mum and aunt