It's been a long time! -Ben Sensei

Hey K&F! How are you?

I just finished hiking the Pacific Crest Trail on November 3rd, 2016. It is 2650 miles long and it stretches from Canada to Mexico. It goes through 3 U.S. States; Washington, Oregon, and California. I had a wonderful time, but I am happy to be home in Ohio. I miss you all, and hope you are well! Much love to the students at K&F!!!
-Kuma Sensei

At the Northern Monument (Canada/US border)

                                                 Snow on the Trail!!
                                                 Snow covered ridge
                                                    Yummy Japanese backpacking food!!

Beautiful green of Washington

                                                       Lots of rivers!!
                                                         SO MUCH SNOW!!!!
                                                          My hair is growing back!
                                                           Trail Blaze
                                                              Lifelong Friends
                                                       HUGE PINE CONE in Oregon
                                                              Halfway point in California
                                                     KUMA TEACHER (Big beard, neh?)
                                      Finished the trail. Clean shave. Southern Monument (Cali/Mexico)