Can you believe I'm back? I can't believe I'm back. And I can't believe how everyone has grown so much. Makes me feel old!

The month of June is going by quickly and I've had a blast seeing all the students and parents so much. Even though everyone's taller it's like nothing has even changed.

I've been teaching in Korea the past year and a bit. Nick and I finally got married and are still enjoying the honeymoon phase.

Last summer we took a train trip from Fukuoka to Hokkaido, what an amazing place!

Here are some random pictures from my time in Busan, Korea:

There is a restaurant street several blocks long that is pedestrianised - even in winter it's busy. 
After Nick and I got married there was a super moon and we had a picnic.

Thanks for welcoming me back this month, I've been really happy to help out while I can.