Visiting Takehara

Hello there,

last weekend Valerie and I visited Takehara's beautiful historic district for an interesting little festival. Men put on demon masks and people bring their children for them to scare and make them cry for health and good luck in the future. Apparently crying is healthy! It was very effective with some of the little ones, as you can see in the pictures. A few of the older boys made me think of my nephew who, at nearly 6, is probably too old already to get scared by something like that, even though It feels like he was a new-born just yesterday. They grow up so fast. Time really does fly, doesn't it!

After the festival, we went over to Horita-san's house. She is a calligraphy teacher we got to know by pure chance a few weeks ago. An incredibly kind and generous person, she even gave us a quick calligraphy lesson this time around. Calligraphy is so fascinating to me, it really helps calming you down and puts things into perspective. I'm grateful for the many beautfiful experiences here.











Obon in Colorado!


One of my good friends had his wedding on the 16th of August. For a long time I was planning on going home for the wedding to surprise my friend. Unfortunately, the plane tickets were extremely expensive 1-2 months in advance. As time crept closer, I decided to change my plans and head to Nagano where wanted to do some hiking in the Alps. I was really excited to explore this wild region of Japan!

Three days before I was expecting to leave for Nagano, I decided to check the internet for ticket prices one last time. Incredibly the ticket had dropped $400! I immediately booked the flight and was on the plane two days later.

I flew into Denver Colorado. This is a beautiful city known as the "Mile High City." My good friend picked me up and we drove to Boulder where I stayed for the next four days. I went rock climbing, hiking and swimming. It was so amazing!

Next we drove down to Durango where the wedding was to be held on Sunday. While there I went to National park called Mesa Verde. This place was inhabited by the Pueblo natives 800 years ago. What an amazing time. Oh yeah!! The wedding was pretty cool too:)