Miyajima in Autumn

On Monday I had the amazing opportunity to visit Miyajima in Autumn! It was incredible! I have never seen so many beautiful colours in Autumn.

I visited the momijidani paark before going up Mt Misen on the ropeway.

We hiked to the summit of Mt Misen and then down the other side to Daishoin temple.

I was also able to do something I have been wanting to do for a very long time, walk out to the torii!! I even got to touch it! The water had gone down right at the same time we had come down from the mountain.

It was such a wonderful day and even though my legs are still recovering from all the stairs on the mountain, I really want to do it again!


Hiking Norosan

Last weekend I had the pleasure of hiking Norosan with some new friends. I hadn’t been hiking in a while so I was really happy to be invited. We had good weather and it wasn’t too cold so climbing to the top was a nice challenge. I’m not sure how high the mountain is, maybe 800 metres, it was steep enough to break a sweat but not too steep to make it unenjoyable. Hiking is such good exercise, and being out in the fresh air always centres me. 


           After climbing for two or three hours, we got to the top and had a nice meal of wild boar. Throughout our climb we saw lots of wild boar tracks so it was nice to know that we were eating locally! 

           We hiked with two women about my Mom’s age who were super fit and agile. It was really impressive to see them navigate the mountain.
           Norosan is a place that’s particularly nice in cherry blossom season. But we did get to see lots of autumn trees in their prime. The view of the sea is always amazing, seeing the bridges that connect the islands and trying to name them all. 

           It’s such an impressive area we live in. It’s important to take advantage of all we can do and see here – especially in nature – with good company.









Party for Adult Students

The staff and our adult students went out for a meal last week at an Okinawan restaurant. It was the first time for me to eat Okinawan food, so I wasn't sure what kind of food to expect. It was really good though! I particularly enjoyed the deep fried seaweed!

It was great to be out with everyone and we all had a fantastic time. I'm looking forward to the next time!