At the Top of Mt. Fudekage

I moved to Mihara from the U.S. in mid-April 2017. Unfortunately, at that time I had just missed the highly-anticipated cherry blossom season. I had to wait a whole year for my chance to see it, and oh did I see it! The teaching staff at K&F (myself included) took a little road trip to the top of Mt. Fudekage during the height of that following year's 2018 cherry blossom season. The views were breathtaking to say the least. Thanks to this day I will always remember Mihara for its beautiful landscape and refreshing atmosphere.

From the highest point on the mountain's lookout, we could see a Mihara city backdrop behind a landscape of trees in full bloom. Just beneath the outlook was ample space to have a relaxing picnic in the cool high-altitude air. A small dirt path buried in the trees circled the top of the mountain. We spent nearly two hours just walking, talking, and viewing everything that could be had.

Out of the many photos I took, this one is my favorite, because I was able to fit so much into the frame. Here lay just a few of the countless small islands found in the bay area. We could even see one of the famous Shimanami Kaido bridges way in the back, while still noticing a few of the cherry blossoms up close on the mountain.

Having lived in Mihara now for over a full year, I have accumulated so many fond memories. Experiencing the top of Mt. Fudekage at the height of cherry blossom season is without a doubt going to be one of my fondest memories of Japan. I now understand why this time of the year holds a special place in the hearts of so many Japanese people as it now does in mine.

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